Michelle also offers Colon Hydrotherapy as a unique, separate service for her clients.
As part of their cleanse, here are benefits Michelle’s clients can achieve when they choose Colon Hydrotherapy (of course, each person’s results are different):

  1. Weight loss. As you cleanse your body, you will see a notable weight loss.
  2. Toxin removal. As toxins are removed, attitude and overall well-being improve.
  3. Muscle relaxation. As the muscles in your abdomen relax, you see more muscle definition.
  4. Immune system reinforcement. Studies have shown those undergoing colonic hydrotherapy boost their immune system in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, massage, and wellness regime.
  5. Organ relaxation. After your colonic hydrotherapy process, pressure you’ve previously felt from other organs close to your colon will be reduced as the amount of waste in your colon is reduced.

Scheduled as an individual service or in three-session packages, the process takes around 45 minutes to complete. Ask Michelle in advance to schedule this special service.

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